About us

What we do is quite new and not easy to categorize. We are career advisors, trainers, headhunters and employer branding advisors all in one. But we don’t really want to wear any of these labels. Thus, we feel it’s important to expand on what we do, why are we doing it and where our fee comes from.

How It Works?

With registration you automatically become a member. This membership entitles you to several great opportunities. For example, all access to our support system, which sets you up with practical employee advice up until you retire. Also, you can participate for free in any training or professional event that we organize.

And that’s not all! The agile-community approach defines our operations completely, and because of that you can join many self-organizing groups, and take advantage of the synergies inherent in teamwork. For example, Talentera supports several volunteer, and charity projects. Experience gained in such projects will seriously increase your value in the job market.


Currently, our members can choose from attending several types of events. Most of them offer practical knowledge that is usually not available or is very limited in higher education.

Our events are available to our members free of charge.


You will love this! As long as you are among our members, our unlimited email support service is available to you. Do you have a labor law or cafeteria question? Our expert will answer! Do you have a conflict at work? Or are you simply insecure about how to deal with a situation? Email us, and we will do our best to help.


At your request, our staff will contact you by email or phone and arrange an appointment for a telephone interview. Through a fifteen to twenty minute chat, we will try to get to know you better and get acquainted with your career goals. After that, you will complete a personality test which we will evaluate during a face-to-face meeting and discuss your individual career plan. If our employer partners have a job offer that is relevant to you, we will let you know the details.