Scaling agile to large enterprises – All that glitters is not gold

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Lately, the frameworks (like SAFe, LeSS etc.) to scale up agile methods to enterprise level, offering transparency, alignment, productivity, predictability and faster time to market have become part of the mainstream as organisations adopt these with increased appetite.

Despite this growing popularity, only about 25% of the large organisations can claim to have adopted lean-agile mindset successfully to harness full benefits. Indeed, the road of an enterprise wide transformation is rather bumpy full of sidetracks and U-turns. The most common problems are misunderstanding of basic agile principles and resistance to change the organisational culture. In

most cases this will inevitable lead to the return of waterfall approach and moving away from agile.

Gyimesi Gergely
Agile Delivery Consultant

Gergely is an Agile Delivery Consultant and Coach with over 10 years’ experience with Blue-chip companies across various sectors with practical experience transforming projects, teams, and organizations from waterfall to Scrum/Kanban/Agile methodologies.

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