Istio Service mesh training

2020.05.26. 5:00 - 6:30 pm


Getting up and running with the Istio service mesh

Lajos Papp

The service mesh is emerging as a powerful tool in the devops arsenal but its use comes with complexities at multiple layers in the stack. To make its use in production convenient, Banzai Cloud has created an Istio distribution called Backyards, which makes setting up and operating an Istio-based service mesh a cinch.

What you will learn:

- What is the service mesh and why you need one.
- How to secure, observe and manage your services on Kubernetes with Istio.
- Canary releases, A/B testing, blue/green deployment techniques.
- Circuit breaking


Banzai Cloud turns Cloud Native journeys into a pleasure cruise with products that simplify infrastructure management, accelerate application deployment and automate devops, security, and compliance. We focus on solving the hard problems driven by production concerns and create products that are convenient to use and to integrate. The company’s open source projects have garnered a large community of users and developers.

The following technologies will be discussed:
Istio, service mesh, Cloud Native stack, Kubernetes

This event is for you:

if you work as a developer, DevOps engineer, SRE, or cloud architect.